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Update 8/13: All five of our Video Lottery Terminals are now back on!


    As per Oregon's phased reopening plan during the COVID 19 pandemic, we are open for walk-in business, but with certain limitations: our seating capacity is restricted, the pool table is not currently available for use, and we are not allowed to have anyone sitting at the bar. Other than those limitations, we are mostly back to business as usual, and even have made some improvements. Our outdoor seating area has been cleaned up, our picnic tables (which some of you are probably familiar with) have been fixed, and we rebuilt the patio, extending it further along and out from the building.


    In such uncertain times as these, it is of utmost importance to keep our spirits up and not let ourselves get bogged down too much by the extra pressures that each and every one of us is feeling. For that reason we will be striving extra hard to provide the very best service, food, and drinks despite the difficulties we all are facing. If you find yourself down in the dumps and in need of something to put a smile on your face, but want something more than just a casual outing, then come in to the Rogue on any night between Wednesday and Saturday to see one of our outdoor concerts, and let us remind you of what life was like before COVID.


-Luke Basile, proxy owner













We pride ourselves on serving excellent food and providing great customer service! We want you to keep coming back! We strive to make your experience here positive at The Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery.


If it's not amazing, we will fix it!! 

Thank you, 


Rachael Garrison, manager